GOTS Approved Accessories
Approved by ICEA

Our attention to the environment starts from our Factory in Castelli Calepio, Italy . An efficient photovoltaic system provides the energy for the production department.


The raw material is the basis of our success.
We pay great attention to eco-sustainability to respect environment and people involved in each of our production processes.

About Indian buffalo

The buffalo horns that we use, coming from domestic farms, have a minimal impact on the environment.

Coming from domestic farms, the animals grow and live with the Indian families. During their life they guarantee sustenance to the family as they provide milk, yogurt and excrements (for agriculture, heating and insulation).

At the end of their life, animals undergo slaughter and the sold meat is a source of profit for the family.

Nothing from the animal is wasted: meat for food, skin for tanneries, horns for buttons while horn waste is used for agricultural purposes.

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